The Sidewalk

As I lay on my death bed
a cold slab of concreate
lying there I began to think
if any one would help me
but all they do is stop and stare
as I lay bleeding on the ground
they encircle me
hundreds of faces staring down upon me
not one calling for help
they’re the ones that did this to me
a young child comes over to me
he stares at me
I looked up at him
then he was quickly pulled away by his mother
I statred to fade away
but i wouldn’t let this happen
I found enough strength to stand
I stared the man in the face that had done this to me
I spat in his face
so he would remember what he had done
he pointed his weapon at me
no one tried to stop him
he fired
and as I fell I looked at them all
some looking away in horror
some staring and not looking away
some looking in disguest
as I fell away

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